The Server we have all been waiting for BluntforcePk

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The Server we have all been waiting for BluntforcePk

Post by Matt on Fri Jul 17, 2015 1:00 pm

BluntForce Pk

very similar to kingpk-- as it will be easy to train stats and gain items.(cept rares)

will have commands ingame like:
plus more

There is wizards around the globe to get you to towns
There is portals to get you around the wilderness.
Ruby and Diamond ammies will teleport to wilderness
can range through walls
f2 for side stat menu
kill/deaths counter
pk points to buy stuff from pkpexchange store, which will sell different items at times.

all skills will be on the server
pking skill exp when killing somone in the wilderness or if you die you lose exp!
pk points when killing someone in the wilderness( the skill and points are two different things)
kill master questing is added ... it is kinda buggy, but if you can get past it then it will be fun.
possibly going to add runecrafting-- it does not work atm, but it is on the client.

Ease of play:
most monsters drop decent drops to make for a fun game play.
free lobsters from master fisher in edgeville.
Shops in edgeville to buy and sell wepons, armours, ammys, runes, bolts, and arrows.

Make Money:
very similar to kingpk so
Can farm lessers at 13 wild alter.
farm dragons with range at ::Dragons
9 men, guards, and 31 skellys in edgeville drop decent.
Black demons in the bandit camp in wilderness above the castle


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